January 2010

Oughterard Accommodation

We avoided most of the really cold spell at Christmas having spent Christmas and the new year in Cuba so here’s a couple of contrasting photographs!! Havana at about 25 degrees centigrade and Oughterard at minus five all in the same week!


In December – January 2009 / 10 we spent two weeks in Cuba. The last of the foreign holidays for some time I fear – due to the severe budget! Here are just a couple of photos for the record!


We have not increased prices on 2009 and some prices re reduced on 2008 levels so its all great value for the years ahead. We anticipate a good year and with the long cold spell over December – January perhaps we will have normal seasons for a change!!

As with the suggestion in our update of the 18th December when I suggested that as the salmon were spawning early we were heading into a long dry spell, well that was exactly what happened – so if you want to know the forthcoming weather just ask a salmon.


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