July 2010

Oughterard Accommodation

I caught a lovely salmon on the Erriff at the start of July weighing 11.5 lbs. That’s a hard weight to break so I have not tried to better it!

Following the opening of the Dublin – Galway motorway Oughterard is less than 2.5 hours from Dublin – no excuse not to come!

2010 – General

Unfortunately the zebra mussel population underwent an explosion last year so anglers leaving the Corrib to other water as yet unaffected must be vigilant. This has resulted in the water being very clear, this will mean that fish will be harder tricked into taking your fly – so get some finer leader so that you can catch the fish!

The fisheries staff continue to work hard to control and eradicate the Lagarosiphon  – curley leafed pondweed. This has infested many bays in the upper basin of the lake. Anglers should avoid driving through the weed as propellers fragment the weed and spread it. If you come across a big stand of weed – avoid it. There are also many bouys around the lake marking areas being treated by the fisheries staff please leave these where they are.


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