January 2012

Oughterard Accommodation

Spawning of trout in the Owenriff river was really good with hundreds of fish counted in the stretch from the house to the Church. – Clearly the anglers did a bad job catching the fish in 2011 – there’s always 2012!.

Already boats are being painted and several having some timber work done in preparation for the new season. At last the days are getting longer – a sure sign to start thinking of fishing trips for 2012.

On the 29th November we had the second biggest flood in memory at Camillaun. Early in the morning the road to the house was underwater and as can be seen the jetty was inaccessible  even later in the day despite the flood having dropped in the meantime.

In keeping with our policy for the last few years we have again frozen prices in order to encourage visitors – please make sure to tell your friends about us! Any enquiries can be directed to our email: camillaun@eircom.net


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