July 2012

Oughterard Accommodation

A recent trip to Lough Muck in Connemara after a 40 year absence – yielded nothing unfortunately – Spud was unimpressed.

July 2012

Daylight shows off the Volvo Ocean racing boats in all their splendour. A week of concerts and celebrations begin!

July has brought the Volvo Ocean Race to Galway for the second time in three years – congratulations Galway. Of course we had to go to greet the boats sailing into Galway in the early hours of the morning of the 3rd July in the dark! – thank goodness for the flares in the harbour to assist the 20,000 greeting crowd. Another huge success for Galway. The final leg was won by boat ‘Camper’ but ‘Groupama’ took the overall honours.

We got a small bee hive in May and also an empty one. Now under the careful supervision of Neill Spellacy from Galway both are doing really well – despite the cold wet weather.

We now have two queens and both are laying in each hive – lets hope they continue to thrive and we will build up to at least one full hive by the end of the summer


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