A wet July

Checking on our honey stocks

We are now in the third week of July with the Galway Arts Festival in full swing and plenty of visitors about but ooh that rain, we locals seem to be taking the bad weather very personally, some of our walkers have a much more philosophical take on things  suggesting that a good poncho is all that’s needed, but maybe that’s because they will be returning to sunshine when they get home! WE just will have to continue taking the Vitamin D tablets

Life goes on in Camillaun, not much angling activity for the last couple of weeks- mostly too wet and windy. This does give us a chance to catch up on other duties like attending to our new bees. Those of you who have been following our Facebook page know that we had to destroy our bees last year because they contracted American Foul Brood disease, it was heart breaking, all those bees and their lovely honey along with bee hive had to be burnt and buried.

So we invested in a new hive and Greg can’t believe the difference between the 2 hives, the new bees are much more content, our expert suggested the previous queen may have been a drama queen whereas our new queen is very grounded- who’d have thought!

Checking on our honey stocks

Checking on our honey stocks


The other news and again followers of our FB page will know that Greg’s fishing companion Spud, appearing in all good fishy shots had a stroke last week, we thought we had lost her but she has rallied and is now doing very well, her personality is still intact, she is enjoying the special diet of steak and wild salmon!!

Spud keeping a wary eye

Spud keeping a wary eye

There are plenty of boats available although the lodge is pretty booked up for the next couple of weeks but if you feel like a day’s fishing on Lough Corrib, give me a call

Deirdre 087 8204436  [email protected]

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