Otter outwits Anglers

Proof of David's catch
Proof of David's catch

Proof of David’s catch

Otter 1 Angler 0

Otters are beautiful creatures but anglers  watch out they are also very cunning. This was proven recently when our friends, the Kelly’s visited us  with  David Micks who caught a beautiful fresh run salmon on the top waters of the Ballynahinch system . For those of you who live in the Western seaboard, you will attest it has been like living in a washing machine recently, torrential rain and howling gales. David battled all the elements, including full immersion in the river while playing this salmon and managed to land and photograph the beauty,. While he went back to the car, assured by his fishing buddies that the tagged salmon was perfectly safe a sneaky otter snatched the salmon from the river bank and was seen creating a considerable wake crossing the river with his loot!!

How the Kelly’s broke the news I am not sure but they are still friends and David took the whole thing very well, the photo is some comfort. He was very philosophical about it all. Now we here in Camillaun Lodge love otters, and an otter features in our logo but our sympathies lie with the poor angler on this occasion. We can only suggest that David returns soon to give it another go