September Floods and a whole lot more at Camillaun Lodge


As we approach the end of the  month and the end of the fishing season- we look at highs and lows of the month

We had some incredible rain over a couple of days in the early part of the month, the river being our barometer, we thought we had been catapulted into November


We also witnessed an amazing sight when a sparrow hawk plucked and devoured a pigeon right beside the Washing line! follow the link for a video of it. I have to mention Greg’s hanging baskets too

DSC_1375a                            DSC_1435


And finally, Greg’s best fishing buddy ie Spud gave us a terrible fright when she became very ill, luckily she pulled through and is now on meds morning and evening to keep her right. So Greg and Chris decided to give her a day out in Connemara checking out Mackeral fishing at the same time and what a glorious day it was- so different to earlier in the month


Although the fishing is coming to an end  for this year there is still plenty of walking and biking in our area recently Derroura Bike Trail has had some serious upgrading so give us a call about availability


Finally, Finally- Our bookings for next year are coming in nicely, we hate to disappoint anyone so if you are thinking of coming next year drop me an e-mail or call me to figure out what is best

To all our anglers, enjoy your winter pursuits, make sure to put away rods etc carefully and we look forward to greeting you again next year Please God

Greg and Deirdre