Easter Time at Camillaun Lodge

Happy Easter to you all

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This poor fella -a Gold Crest, Ireland’s smallest bird-was love struck this morning and collided with our window with his amour, but with Greg’s quick thinking of making a shelter from a cardboard box they both survived to tell a tale.

So you are probably wondering what we have being doing since our last newsletter, first off those of you who follow us on Facebook know that we had an epic trip to Peru at Christmas,” LesTrois”, Greg Christopher and I, we walked the Salkantay route to Machu Pichu, which I discovered when I got there was locally known as “The Savage Route” a big thank you to Greg for picking the most difficult route to Machu Puchu but seriously it was amazing, a truly wonderful, enriching experience all 7 days of it


I am sure those of you who will come to stay with us this year will have some photos inflicted on you.

Next, some of you know that I have been talking about upgrading the kitchen and so finally this year I have now my dream kitchen but please, please  be assured that it will NOT affect negatively on the quality of my breakfast that you all have been accustomed to!!


Then in March, Christopher reached a milestone, many of you know that he is studying to be a vet, well we had the white coat ceremony, this marks the start of his clinical training as a vet



Camillaun Lodge opened and welcomed our first guests of the season on the 16th of March, since then we have people form Japan, Luxembourg, USA and France. Duckfly fishing has started, we had father and son, Jim and Joe Duffy from Athlone fish with our guide Patrick, they had a very good first day catching 2 lovely trout which were returned and seeing many more come to their fly but with cold and windy  weather conditions taking over, their second day was not so productive.

I have to admire the angler that goes fishing at this time of year, it is tough going and certainly requires great love and dedication to persist.

Still, Spring has arrived and with the clocks going forward tonight the stretch in the evenings will be pronounced, we look forward to welcoming you again to Camillaun Lodge, we still have some availability for Mayfly from the 16th of May onwards.. Meanwhile we shall enjoy our garden.




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