June update-FIPPS Mouche-World Masters Fly Fishing Competition


June arrived with cooler temperatures and rain which should be good for fishing but was certainly needed for the garden. We have a lovely Scots man Joseph Gault fishing with us for the past 5 weeks, getting to know every nook and cranny of the lake, his success rate has been modest until he took out his landlord for a spin, returning with a 5lb 10 oz Trout caught on a Rappelle Joseph had tied on and thrown out and handed to his companion- what a steal!



We had the Italian Fly fishing team stay with us over the weekend. They had two days practice before the big event  The FIPPS Mouche competition held 13th to 18th of June


Edoardo Ferrero,  Pierwigi Cogro, Edgardo Dona, Francesco Weibello,  Maiteo DeMartins

Edoardo has been coming to Camillaun for over 20 years he is the team leader


Edoardo and Edgardo after a day’s practice on Lough Corrib

Before they arrived secret boxes of flies were delivered to Camillaun Lodge which when opened by the team were treated like precious stones, they did look beautiful, but will they do the trick??

FIPPS Mouche is a very interesting competition, this year Ireland hosts this World Masters competition with just under 40 countries taking part it is going to be a great spectacle, fished over 4 days with very strict rules they will fish Lough Corrib, Lough Inagh, Lough Muck and Lough Fee and will do bank, boat and wading.

The Irish team is headed up by Eamon Gavin and the team members are Richie Willis, Noel Kellegher, Joe Quinn, Jackie Coyne

Let’s wish all the teams great sport and enjoyment, all fish are returned and barbless hooks are used so that’s laudable.


The final word goes to our dear friend MIko Keane who successfully conquered and survived  Danali also known as  Mount Mc KInley in Alaska, the highest mountain in North America- an amazing achievement, Our warmest congratulation to him and to his wife Teresa who kept the home fires burning while he was away





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