High Jinks at RDS Horse Show and Mayflies reappear


As a member of The Great Fishing Houses of Ireland I attended the Horse Show when Minister Heather Humphreys dropped by! She was delighted to hear about the marketing group and had words of encouragement


It was a very special day for my niece Aisling Mc Greal who is now All Ireland Reserve Champion  this  involved dressage and a thrilling jump off- very exciting and congratulations to her and her family-a gritty lady



Back at home in Camillaun we are busy with guests who are enjoying all the sights and delights of our area. Christopher finally has a few days off so we paid a visit to Inchagoill island which is an absolute gem of an island on Lough Corrib. Wonderful history and nature to be found here. The old village has been uncovered and is a fantastic glimpse into the past lives


Some wonderful nature here too



And finally the Mayfly has reappeared as we had predicted. Greg managed to have 2 trout on at the same time and landed another nice trout too- all returned.

So anyone wishing to have some more Mayfly fishing should get in touch with us


Next week is race week-already I hear you say! and August beckons

So tight lines to everyone and don’t loose your shirt at the races



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