July Mayfly is here again


Mid summer has just passed and while the weather has not been suitable for the beach there has been  plenty of water which has brought a great run of salmon this year into the west.  Many reports of salmon being spotted running through the waterfall at the top of the village have been circulating.

Oughterard waterfall in full flood

The good news is that there is a good hatch of Mayfly and anglers are having great sport fishing  the natural fly, the fish are on the small side but are numerous.

Some of our veteran Mayfly Fishers, still coming up with new strategies

Some more good news on the bee front. We were devastated to find out that we had lost our bees over the winter, for no apparent reason but happily Mother Nature has looked after us with the recent discovery of a new hive established in the empty one, some other local  bee keeper is minus a lot of bees, needless to say Greg is very happy to be the beneficiary

And I am looking forward to some more delicious honey


But the best best news of the summer is that our son Christopher has just graduated as a vet, receiving a medal for his achievements

Proud parents with Christopher

So if you are thinking you would like to have another shot at Mayfly fishing or perhaps some salmon fishing in Connemara over the next few weeks, drop me an e-mail or give me a call.

Enjoy the rest of the summer



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