Easter 2019

The adventure begins – Toubkal is the furthest mountain in view.

Our Trip to North Africa

In order to show we are still in business despite being closed we have decided to do a number of blog updates of the activities over the past year! This is for two reasons – life was too busy that we did not have time to keep the website up to date and we also want to reflect on all the good things that happened over the year!

In Easter 2019 we headed to Morocco to try and scale Mount Toubkal the highest mountain in North Africa standing at 4,167 metres (13,671 ft) . It was all a great adventure from lunch in the mountains to sleeping on the floor of a freezing building in the lashing rain – all good clean fun. The hike to the summit started with breakfast in a refuge in the mountains at 3.00am and hiking in the cold frozen snow with crampons at 4.00. We reached the summit at 9.15am but the hike down the mountain and out the valley took a further nine hours. We had time to unwind in a Hammam before dinner of tagine!