New Year 2020


Sri Lanka

Our holiday in Sri Lanka took us from the coast to the highlands and back again. We enjoyed some beautiful safaris and saw extraordinary wildlife. We hiked to Worlds End and then took on the famous Sri Pada or Adam’s Peak, a tough pilgrimage normally undertaken by lamplight at night. Up to 6,000 vertical steps but we did it in daylight and it was a lot less crowded. It was still a tough outing but well worth doing. We visited several tea plantations and purchased some great black and green teas. In fact we were surprised we were not stopped at customs on the return with several kilos of organic material packed into our rucksacks! We spent the last few days recharging the batteries at the coast in Hikkaduwa, swimming and snorkeling even with green turtles. We also saw many boats purchased with funds from Ireland following the dreadful Tsunami in 2004 in which 30,000 Sri Lankan’s perished.