The Dreaded Virus March – May 2020


In the early months of the year we were undergoing preparations for the forthcoming 2020 season. Painting in the house was planned and completed and a bit of a milestone birthday celebrated a year late in the beautiful French Alps. We were planning returning and concentrating on getting everything ‘shipshape’ for the new season.Shortly after we returned from France things really started to get scary. The virus arrived in Ireland and within a few short weeks everything was at a standstill. We have now been home since early March hardly venturing more than 2 km from the house. All the preparations have been put on hold and to make matters worse our boiler packed it in! Basically now every booking up to July has been cancelled and it looks pretty clear that there will be no overseas visitors this year. Whatever you do don’t tell our accountant. We may be able to start renting boats locally after the 18th May when the first phase of the relaxation of lockdown comes into play. Basically we can rent boats that have been appropriately disinfected to locals travelling less than 5km for their exercise. From the 8th June people will be allowed to travel up to 20km so that will allow a greater number of people come to visit all be it they will be Co. Galway residents. Check out: Our only hope for some business will be people from the greater locality unable to travel far will take the opportunity to visit Lough Corrib this summer. Let’s hope so! We are lucky to be on the bank of the river and within a km of the lake. We have been able to make a few trips to the local bays.