15th May 2020 – Mayfly

Fishing Lough Corrib

The mayfly is up and finally the ‘Maybush or Whitethorn’ is in flower, but the lake is strangely quiet. Yes, most people are holding steadfast to the movement restrictions initially just 2km from home and for the past week 5km. You are allowed a short period of exercise and some people with close access to the lake are taking their relaxation and exercise on the water. For us, most of our boats remain upside down in the long acre and there is little chance these will be on the water this year. For the trout it’s a welcome break during the mayfly as there are not too many anglers to catch them! It was a tough week at work but we are so lucky to be on the water. Christopher headed out at 3pm and both Deirdre and I ventured out at 4.30 – one advantage of not having to drive home from work. We were all fortunate to encounter fish – I lost a cracker on a dryfly which did a spectacular jump to throw the fly. Chris had a beauty which became dinner and Deirdre was dapping mayflies. She started with just 5 flies and missed 2 fish and landed two, one a nice fish of around 1 lb 6 oz. in all a very exciting few hours.The wind is still very cold and from the East – it will be Monday before the next fair wind.