Wet Winter November – time to make Sloe Gin!


When the days close in and the rain never stops it’s time to turn to jobs that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Our stock of Sloe Gin seemed to be running very low and for the last few years the crop of sloes locally has been very poor. I thought that, with the great weather in May, we would have a fantastic crop along the local roads and fields – but when we went hunting it was apparent that the birds and weather had put paid to the sloes. We did find enough to make a start on a small 2020 batch – which of course reminded us to check out our existing reserves. How disappointed we were to find the cupboard virtually bare but in at the back was a bottle made in 2011 – surely a good vintage! Thankfully a little more searching revealed a couple of other vintages so we are ready for the cold evenings.