2021 Trout Season Opens


The 2021 trout season opened for those within 5kms of the water on the 15th February. This was just 4 days after the snowfall so hard to believe the weather had changed so much in a few days. Of course we had to launch a boat and head out for a couple of hours. it was a little on the breezy side for some easy fishing – but two to three hours is more than enough so early in the season. I did see a few neighbours in my travels, they seemed to be having as much action as myself. However, I heard from one person who heard from another that one boat caught 5 trout – who needs pubs for tales to grow legs? I had one really big catch – undeterred I cut the fly off the cast and fished on for a few hours. Deirdre helped with the two loop hook extraction when I got back – she’s fairly used to helping me with that – I wonder why!.