Finally opening for Galway Anglers!


After a particularly long lockdown from the 30th December to the 12th April we will finally be able to open our boat hire to anglers or boaters from County Galway from Monday 12th April.

it has been a tough time all through the long days of winter. However, the clocks have gone forward, the days have got longer and, except for the biting cold wind, spring has sprung. Hopefully the cold spell will shortly come to an end. Boats must be booked in advance and anglers or boaters must be from County Galway and from the same bubble until the rules are relaxed further.

During the past few months we have done loads of walking locally – always to the pier – frequently meeting the same people on the same route – now it seems like Christmas has come with the chance of getting to the Connemara hills in the coming weeks!

The daffodils have come – and gone now is the time for the tulips!