Are you thinking of a staycation in Connemara this year? Are you looking for a genuine experience of adventure, be it hillwalking, boating Lough Corrib or sightseeing around our magical wilderness? Camillaun Lodge is a highly acclaimed 4 bedroom lodge on the edge of Oughterard village. It’s a 5 minute walk to the local pubs and restaurants through a safe hidden  walkway to the village. We have a jetty on site with lots of boats with outboard engines with which we encourage you to take down river and out to the great Lough Corrib. Explore the many islands including mystical Inchogoil or try your hand at catching a trout for which the lake is famous for. Instructions on boat use are provided.

Our back door leads you to Lough Corrib but our front door is placed on the Great Western Way. A beautiful walk north along the heights adjoining the lake with spectacular views before turning in across the bogs and into the Mountains of the Maam Valley. These are scenes famously exhibited in the Failte Ireland adverts “Fall for someone in Connemara”. We are happy to supply walking poles and a packed lunch. Alternatively self-drive a short hop away to the famouse Maméin Pilgrimage Trail or explore the Twelve Bens and Lough Inagh.

The dreaded “c” word. Covid will not impact your staycation here in any meaningful way. People come here to explore and fish Lough Corrib, hike the hills and get lost in the wilderness of Connemara while staying in luxurious spacious accommodation. The onsite tennis court is still available and we are able to comfortably safe distance indoors. Of course all Failte Ireland recommendations are met and all we would ask is that you don’t travel if feeling unwell. Our prices and experience haven’t changed albeit with a bit more disinfectant and hand sanitizers populated about the premises. We look forward to welcoming you and having you tick exploring Connemara off of your Bucket List.


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